A spring in Croatia near the village Brest in municipality Lanišće, is used to supply a part of Slovenian settlement Rakitovec (part near the train station Rakitovec). Water supply system Brest-train station Rakitovec was built in year 1876, at the time when railway Divača-Pula was built, and then it was used for water supply of steam locomotives. With disappearance of steam locomotives mentioned WSS wasn’t abolished, and train station Rakitovec and family buildings which are built nearby are still supplied from that system. That system does not fall under the jurisdiction of any utility company which deals with water supply, but residents of village Brest together with municipality Lanišće take care of it, in order to maintain it in good working order. Since the object is in operation for 138 years, it requires a thorough reconstruction and rehabilitation of underground and above-ground parts. However, the municipality and the residents don’t have enough financial resources to do that alone.