Information about Potential CB WSS: Čakovec (CRO) – Ormož (SLO)

Q1. Country name:


Q2. Partner name:

Faculty of Civil Engineering – University of Rijeka

Q3. Partner – Final Beneficiary No.:

FB 8

Q4. Between country – water coming from (origin) and:


Q5. Country (2) – water supplied to (delivered):


Q6. Water supply system name (English):


Q7. Water supply system name (Country 1):


Q8. Water supply system name (Country 2):


Q9. Management of origin side of the WSS:

Međimurske vode d.o.o. Čakovec (CRO)

Q10. Management of delivery side of the WSS:

Komunalno podjetje Ormož d.o.o. (SLO)

Q11. Amount of water supplied (as per contract/agreement):


Q12. General nature of the CBWS – emergency water supply, peak water supply, permanent water supply:


Q13. General description of the nature of the necessity:

Međimurske vode d.o.o. now don’t have a need for drinking water from other springs, or from other countries. Eventually it is possible to sell drinking water from Croatian water wells, given the situation in neighboring Slovenian region, eg. Podravje. In that region Komunalno podjetje Ormož purifies water from water wells Mihovci with special procedure. It is extremely demanding and expensive purification process. On the other side, drinking water from water wells Nedelišće (in Međimurje, CRO) is not purified, but only preventively treated with chlorine, for health correctness during flow through pipelines.

Q14. Status of the preparation of the technical/legal/economics and other documents:

For now there have been no negotiations with Slovenian utility companies on the possible supply of drinking water from Croatian water wells.

Q15. Potential date of construction (estimated if possible):


Q16. Describe recognized limitations inhibiting the development of potential CBWSS: