More intensive urban development of water supply system for the Municipality of Krusevac has started in mid 1950s. At that time, the designed capacity of water supply system was 104 l/s, foreseen for meeting the needs of approximately 40.000 inhabitants. The system was consisted of two groups of wells at the River Zapadna Morava bank area, pumping station “Čitluk”, main pressurized – distributive pipeline with 300 and 400 mm in diameter, distributive water supply network in diameter range 80 to 200 mm, and the water tank on Bagdala hill, with the volume of 2.800 m3 and overflow level at 212 m above the sea level.

Increasing water consumption, due to rapid population and industry growth, especially in the city area, caused the need for water sources capacity extension, starting from the mid 1960s. In early 1980s, long term plans and orientation regarding water supply issue, had been redirected towards the “Ćelije” accumulation and water treatment plant (WTP) “Majdevo”.

Until 1984, the construction of: “Ćelije” dam, pipeline connecting dam and WTP “Majdevo”, WTP “Majdevo” with the capacity of 650 l/s and pipeline connecting WTP with “Bagdala” reservoir, have been finished. Since then, water supply has been carrying out from this direction.

Raw water pipeline, connecting “Ćelije” accumulation with WTP “Majdevo”, is 3400 m long, with internal diameter of 1.014 mm and designed maximal flow of 1180 l/s for the water level in accumulation of 263 m above the sea level. Treated water pipeline is about 20.400 m long with internal diameter of 1042 mm. Before the “Bagdala” reservoir has been connected to the system, a measuring and control unit for the regulation of whole water supply system has been installed on the pipeline. At the same point, a branch of the pipeline for Varvarin and Ćićevac settlements water supply, was placed as well. Altitude of WTP “Majdevo” allows gravity flow of treated water to it’s consumers. Within WTP “Majdevo” facilities, a pumping station connected with pressurized pipeline for Aleksandrovac Municipality water supply, has been built. Recently, at “Bagdala” reservoir location, a new reservoir chamber has been built, increasing the total efficient reservoir volume to 8.600 m3.

According to the long term development program of the City of Krusevac, the connection of almost all surrounding villages to the water supply system of WTP “Majdevo”, have been planned. Also, local government set the decision about water supply of following Municipalities: Aleksandrovac, Ćićevac, Varvarin and a part of Trstenik Municipality with water from “Ćelije” and WTP “Majdevo” system.

The above mentioned facts caused a need for WTP capacity upgrading. Between the year of 1995 and 2000, preparational activities regarding the extension of existing plant have been conducted, bringing up the conclusion that the existing capacity should be increased from 650 l/s to 950 l/s, and water treatment process improved, in order to reach better potable water quality.

With the support of EU funds, during the year of 2010, the realization of project “Reconstruction and extension of water treatment plant “Majdevo” has begun. The construction works have been finished in 2013, while in Jun 2014, technical inspection with the affirmative Commission Report obtaining has been conducted as well. The plant operates in line with the new-designed criteria and innovated technological process.

At this period WTP “Majdevo” supplies the City of Krusevac and 75 local villages (out of 101) with potable water, which makes the total number of 107.000 inhabitants, i.e. 85 % of the population. The total length of the water supply network amounts cca 750 km, with about 29.000 connections.

Also, the biggest part of Aleksandrovac Municipality is connected to the system, together with three settlements in Trstenik Municipality.

The construction of main pipelines with the belonging facilities towards the Ćićevac and Varvarin Municipalities, have been finished, and the connection of these Municipalities to the water supply system is expected to be achieved until the end of 2014.

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