Vodovod i kanalizacija Nikšič (short description)

The city of Niksic is supplied with water from three sources:
(1) Gornji Vidrovan 676 m asl,
(2) Donji Vidrovan 654 m asl,
(3) Poklonci 626 m asl.

Water from these three sources is transported to the pump station “Duklo” by gravity pipeline DN=1000mm, where the water is distributed to its users. Excess water, which is not used, goes to the reservoir at Trebjesa (three reservoirs with total volume of 3x2500m3). As far as water treatment, chlorination is only done.

The water supply system of the city of Nikšič dates back from 1929. The water supply network is indented with a length of over 450 kilometers and consists of pipelines of different materials (AC, LG, DUCTIL, PE …).

The average annual abstracted water quantity: 6 000 000 m3.
The average annual invoiced water quantity: 3 800 000 m3.
The total number of measurement points: 23746.